What is REIKI?

Reiki is a technique based on using the universal life-force energy.

The Reiki technique is a technique based on using the universal life-force energy. The practitioner receives these energies through their central energy channel and transmits them through their hands, using a unique protocol used by all Reiki therapists. The treatment is carried out either by placing the practitioner’s hands on the physical body of the person receiving the treatment or by holding them a few inches above their body. Reiki treatment improves energy circulation, frees blockages and re-establishes harmony in the physical body.

For whom are these treatments and how are they carried out?

Reiki treatments can be given to everybody, whatever their illness or their age as well as to animals, plants and minerals. They can be carried out in two different ways:

Hands-on healing

Reiki treatment should be given in an appropriate and calm place. A treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, with time before and after to talk together.

Healing from a distance

In an emergency situation or when the person needing treatment can’t be moved or is far from the therapist, a Reiki treatment can be given at a distance by entering into harmony with the person receiving the treatment.

Reiki initiations

An initiation is a unavoidable and irreversible part of one’s own path to awakening.

These initiations are done strictly according to the Amena teachings. They give a firm factual grounding to those initiated that will open the doors to a path of transformation and evolution for them. An initiation is a unavoidable and irreversible part on one’s own path to awakening. Above all it is a commitment to oneself and a very beautiful spiritual awakening. Initiation days are days that generate progress and change. These initiations are accessible to everyone and don’t require special qualities except to come with personal conviction and a desire to commit to a new path.


This is a pre-initiation, for children from 6 to 10 years of age, in which the basics of care, helping each other and becoming aware of one’s being are brought out. The child learns how to receive the energies so that they can use their hands to help themselves and others.


The first Reiki level allows one to acquire the basic ideas of working with energies. The initiate learns how to receive the energies, learns how to treat themselves and how to treat others. One can experience a very beautiful spiritual opening up in one's own evolution through profound awareness. This first level encourages a vibratory change in the initiate and the discovery of the world of energies.


This level complements the first level. It is an apprenticeship in Reiki treatments from a distance. For the initiate it brings about an evolution in consciousness and in vibratory rate and allows them to enter into more profound harmony with themselves.


This level corresponds to the first part of the Master’s level. The initiate enters onto a much deeper path, one that is a source of progress in one's personal evolution. It is an opportunity for fulfillment in every area. This level includes an apprenticeship in harmonisation.


To become a Reiki Master is a personal commitment that gives one access to the very essence of one’s being. It is a decisive step towards mastering oneself and towards inner wisdom. Initiation at this level is given in the ancestral way.


To become a Master Initiator or teacher is a responsibility towards every person one initiates. Once someone becomes a Master, they take the time necessary to integrate this level and little by little to find the path they are destined in order to transmit in turn. To be a Reiki Master doesn’t necessarily mean being a Master Initiator.