Amena is a technique discovered after more than ten years of research . It was officially introduced as a practice in 2010.

The Amena technique was discovered by Monique Schloupt after more than ten years of research. She formally included it in her practice in 2010. Working extremely subtly on an infinitely fine level, these energies work on all of one's energetic centres, on the entire subtle body and the whole energetic A-Shin structure. The movement of these energies is very well orchestrated. The therapist’s hands move over the patient’s body and in the space around it, without touching it. In this way disharmony and imbalances caused by old or recent situations in the patient's life, such as stress or emotional shock, are detected. This disharmony and imbalances are registered as oppressive and negative memories that block movement in certain places in the energetic structure. What takes place is a sort of cleaning out so that serenity and inner peace can be brought in. The patient experiences a feeling of great openness as well as profound well-being and wholeness, which allows them to reconnect with who they are on the deepest level. An Amena treatment is not simply an energy treatment. It is a treatment that, without a doubt, will bring an important change in the life of the person receiving it. Each treatment is unique. It works with a unparalleled repertory that exists beyond space and time and is very meticulous. The Amena treatments are very effective even though relatively short . Whatever work has been done is done once and for all.

Amena Treatments

Hands-on healing

The therapist doesn’t touch the patient’s physical body. The length of the session is approximately 45 minutes with some time for sharing beforehand and some time afterwards to recover and to exchange about how it felt. A protocol may include one to four sessions, more or less close together and, depending on the pathology and the seriousness of the illness, they might be given over several days, weeks or even months.

Healing from a distance

Amena treatments from a distance are as effective as hands-on healing and last the same amount of time. As much as possible, the practitioner and the patient tune in to each other during the treatment. Talking together after the treatment about how it went and how it felt can be arranged by phone.

Treatment in a group

Amena treatment in a group gives the people in the group the possibility of each receiving their own treatment while in the group, no matter how many people are in the group or what each person’s problems are. Generally speaking, a theme is chosen for each session to create a learning experience and an opening up of consciouness and to allow for each person’s inner journey.

Training in Amena

The training is open only to regular Reiki practitioners who hold the Master Reiki level or for practioners of similar healing techniques with equivalent diplomas.

This training is only open to regular Reiki practitioners who hold the Master Reiki level or practioners of similar healting techniques who hold an equivalent diploma. It requires very important personal work, special skill in listening, much inner practice and a spiritual path already well advanced in both the visible and invisible world. The training lasts two years and is an initiatory path throughout.