An Amena treatment, whether given directly on the body, from a distance, or as part of a group, is a treatment that goes well beyond the physical body because its founding principle is to find the origin of the imbalance or the illness. This means that whatever the difficulty faced by the person who comes for the treatment, whatever the pathology, be it cancer, a broken leg, or depression, for example, in order for healing to take place it is necessary to look for information beyond the physical level, where, quite often, the imbalance originated, leaving a conscious or unconscious memory which disturbs the nature of things. This information is written into the person’s energetic structure. As long as it is not found, it will create imbalance in the person. And this imbalance will persist until he or she becomes sufficiently conscious of it to once again start to take care of themselves and engage in a process of evolution.

The Amena treatments can also be of interest to people who wish to maintain the healthy movement of their energies. In the same way that we take care of what we eat and our physical body with athletic activies,  it’s important to realize that the primary source of good health is the flowing movement of energies within the physical body.

The different ways to receive an Amena treatment

Direct treatment

Treatment from a distance

Treatment in a group

What are the differences between an Amena treatment and a Reiki treatment ?

In Reiki all the practitioners follow the same protocal of care by beginning with the eyes and ending with the feet. With Amena, the hands are guided and go directly to the place where the body needs care and work in accord with the energetic lines and the axes of balance in the body. An Amena treatment is given in a state of modified consciousness and the length of the treatment is slightly shorter than with Reiki treatments. An Amena treatment works on the infinity small level, precisely according to the information received. Nevertheless the two kinds of treatment are very complementary.

Pratical information

Amena treatments are given all year round in Lattes (near Montpellier). In the agenda you can find the dates when Amena treatments are given in different cities in France and in other countries.

The price of either a direct treatment or one from a distance is 60 euros.

Amena treatments are good for everyone. For many years now I’ve been sensitive to each person’s situation, and many people in difficult financial situations have received care, thus opening a door for them on their own inner journey. Each situation is considered carefully.

Treatments can be paid for on the spot or using the form below.

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