Monique Schloupt

« I love to begin by saying that I am a mother of four children and a grandmother of several little ones because often we imagine that people who have a special spiritual evolution cannot also be anchored in real life. The gods are unmovable in this because the more grounded we are the more we have access to the universe! For almost 30 years I was a physical education and sports teacher, a very passionate professional life that allowed me to realise what I wanted to do since I was very small. Through sports and particularly athletics, I came to understand from very young the work that is needed to advance with a constant determination that has been with me all my life. Radical changes in my private and professional life caused doors to open to other universes and allowed me to rediscover my true place inside myself. In this awareness of going into the deepest part of myself, I could begin a whole process of research, fueled by an inexhaustible thirst for understanding, for discovery and to desire to raise myself to a higher level.

The invisible world is a passion, to be a human being is a passion, and to understand how these two could come together took me into nearly three years of profound meditation so that I could receive the teachings that opened me up to another way of helping people in difficulty, whatever their pathology or problem. And so, after several years of research, I created the Amena technique; ‘amena’ coming from Amen, which is a Hebrew word meaning « thank you » and « so be it ». It was in 2010 that the treatments were officially named Amena and recognised as such. Speaker, author, with a first book « les énergies et les corps subtiles » (in French only), and Master Initiator, I teach the fundamental basics that allow each of us to transform ourselves and evolve on a deep spiritual level, while remaining very present and conscious of life in the terrestrial realm. »


And what if we weren’t what our eyes show us?

Can we imagine a new field of consciousness where the invisible world is much more important than the physical world that human beings see?The research that Monique Schloupt has carried out allowed her to rediscover the meaning of the real energetic structure of beings, to understand movement, harmony, balance, right down to the cellular level and the DNA, which has yet told us all its secrets. This book is not meant just for people who are looking for cures to their own illnesses, whether physical or psychological, but also it is for those who wish to go further and deeper on their spiritual path towards higher consciousness. You will find : • Very precious advice on how to know yourself better, how to understand and tame your energy and subtle bodies, in order to attain true well-being in body and mind.• Numerous examples from the everyday life of the author that can help us to understand the world we are living in, the subtle work around us and the being we truly are. Infos : 192 pages, 14 x 21 cm, 260gISBN : 978-2-7029-1225-6


Discover the different conferences that Monique has given in the last few years.

What have we forgotten ? Do we have an awareness of what we have forgotten ? who we are...where we come from...our mission in life …Are we still asleep ? What can help us to wake up ? How can we become aware of what we have forgotten in order to find the right path in our evolution ? So many questions ! What a beautiful theme for this evening, one that reminds us to come back to what's sacred in us. There will be a discussion afterwards to exchange our feelings about all this.

Here's a new conference where the eyes are closed in order to better feel and take in the words, the music and the silence that are part of this evening. This conference teaches us how to bring our attention to the quality of our daily life and to understand how our everyday actions can influence our own evolution and promote a change in consciousness. This conference will be followed by a discussion for those who are interested.

The vibration given to cellular water contributes to a movement of energies that carry information linked to the invisible world, which allow people to rediscover information that is essential to their own healing. In this way , a human being, who is actually an aquatic being, will evolve in their own individual way while, at the same time, being aware that his or her transformation will be a fundamental element in the movement of the universe and a door towards inner wisdom .

This new conference is part of a series of « Conferences with eyes closed » which teaches us that it is possible to access our inner world, to feel our energies and to enter into contact with our inner being in order to discover the possiblities and potential which are available to us. This evening is dedicate to the Soul, which means the sacred part of us, the representative of our spiritual being, the one who allows us to exist and move forward on a profond path of discovery. Subjects covered will be : some ideas about consciousness, knowledge itself and all the invisible parts which make up our reality that we may not even know exist. Words and music will alternate in order to help find harmony and balance on every level.

In this new conference Monique Schloupt will explain how, through 10 years of research and putting in place Amena, her own healing technique, she was able to prove the existance of a very precise energetic structure in human beings, a structure that is alive with a more or less established movement throughout the course of the life of each of us. The presentation of her new book, «  "Les Énergies et les corps subtils", edited by Le Courrier du Livre, is the opportunity for us to discover the fundamental grounds for the creation of man as well as the beauty of the primordial movement, one of the oldest keys for establishing balance, transcending illness and finding the path to one's own healing.

This is a very unique conference that I will have the pleasure of presenting to you because the audience will have their eyes closed throughout most of it in order to reach the doors of the unknown world. The goal of this evening is to be able to understand how reality and the invisible can unveil themselves and be known. It is also an opportunity to understand the way we work , to learn to speak to our mental being , to reassure it and in the end, through words and through practices, to be able to bring calmness into ourselves so that the doors to the suprising world of our inner beauty can open. At the end of the evening you will have the opportunity to feel the energies through your own body during an Amena group treatment.

A couple of ideas from some of the last conferences will be briefly reviewed in order for us to discover the missing link that will allow harmony and wisdom to take their place in us. Some reflections that flow from that : who are we, having awareness of ourselves, the different levels of consciousness and states of awareness, the Energies, our place in the Universe , all of what was also at the origin of my own experiences with Amena. These reflections could lead to a discussion and we will end the evening by doing some work for about 10 minutes that would allow us to feel the Energies manifesting within our physical body.

This conference follows up on the explanations of the subtle bodies. After having gone over some basic principles, the public will discover in more detail and precision the infinitly subtle, precise and very elaborate workings of our energetic circuits, through sacred geometry and simple explanations Also , through the discoveries of Amena, we will be helped to better understand how this technique induces an opening on the level of our consciousness and takes us to serenity, inner peace and the wisdom within us.

This children's conference, which is dedicated to children with their parents, allows them to meet Eva, a very awake little girl who can teach other children how to open up to the energies, to love, to the idea of helping , to helping each other in their daily life. At the end of the conference, the children can make a drawing of what they took in and an exchange can take place with parents on the theme of 'awakened children'.

With simple phrases and easy explanations what has been very hard to understand up until now will be explained. The energies that we receive are a fundamental and indispensable part of our life on earth, our physical body, our subtle body and our multidimensionnel DNA. The Amena technique will also be presented, a technique that can help us understand who we really are... These are the themes we will explore along with a demonstration of hands actually working with the energies.

Amena is also working with the TES association, which is working towards an opening between techniques that work with energies and the scientific world.You can find out more about this by looking on their website with the link below :