What is amena mini?

Amena Mini is part of the awakening of children into a subtle and particularly luminous work which leads the child towards their own dimension.

Simply put children today have an awareness that allows them to understand what’s going on around them and what’s happening to them much faster and much more deeply than ever before. They need to be encouraged and understand. They have an enormous thirst for knowledge and for understanding. They want answers to their questions. They are very persistent even when very young!

The main goal of Amena Mini is to help children remain as pure as possible, to help them discover themselves and to follow the mission they have been given in this life, even if they don’t know exactly what it is. The child will continue to awaken thanks to its own existing capabilities, while being given an opportunity to discover new ones. He or she will learn to be mindful, to know his or her own inner self, to be happy, to love others and love themselves, to feel energies, to understand life and learn to create his or her own life through different workshops that will allow them to find their bearings in their daily life. They will have the opportunity to develop a sense of helping others, of sharing, of inner strength, courage and patience. Initiations called IAM initiations are organised with the parents. They are pre-initiations which allow children to receive the energies and to work with them from very young. You can find more information about IAM initiation on the Reiki page of this site by clicking on this link.